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ValCel project is a collaborative act towards sustainable cellulose-based products

ValCel – Value for Cellulosics

EU carbon neutrality target 2050 needs moving towards more sustainable and renewable products, production methods and raw materials. This involves a conversion from an economy that is based largely on fossil raw materials to a more resource-efficient economy that extensively utilizes renewable resources.

ValCel aims to develop chemical and mechanical methods to prepare cellulose derivatives and functional cellulose materials by utilizing ionic liquids, deep eutectic solvents and reactive extrusion in more sustainable processes and materials. The focus of ValCel project is to expand the knowledge on the cellulose dissolution and regeneration processes, functionalization chemistries, techno-economics of developed chemistries, and to create new export opportunities for Finnish companies through enhanced processes and new products. The estimated export growth potential for the companies participating in this project is over 1500 M€ in 5-10 years.